Twitch streamer Sykkuno has recently slammed some Twitch viewers who continue to pester him about Corpse Husband, as he called their behavior “weird” and “strange” and begged them to quit prying into his personal life.

One of the few Twitch streamers who has met Corpse Husband is Sykkuno. It happened in March 2021, when Corpse decided to give him some merchandise personally. On TikTok, Corpse also released a video of the event. He did acknowledge, though, that he is sick of people asking him personal questions about Corpse. He told them to ask him questions first. He then criticized them for being “so interested” in his private life.

Here’s what he stated; “Do I know if Corpse is going to play Animal Crossing? I don’t know. You should ask him that. I feel like only he would know the answer to that one. I always think it’s sort of strange when people ask, ‘hey, how’s this person doing?’ and I’m like, why don’t you just ask them that.”

Because they don’t know Corpse, a fan responded that they can’t ask him personal questions. Since Sykkuno has met him, they believe it is more appropriate to ask him. Sykkuno, on the other hand, feels it’s “strange” that his fans are so concerned in his personal life adding; “Well, my question is if you don’t know him personally, why are you so interested in his personal life? It’s weird if you don’t know him personally and you keep prying into his personal life. That’s kind of strange.”

Since face reveal speculations struck the internet by storm, Corpse has kept a low profile. It’s unsurprising that fans are curious about him. Sykkuno, on the other hand, wants them to back off until he returns.