Sweet Anita is a popular Twitch streamer and YouTube content creator with more than 3 million followers. Her fans adore her for her unapologetically honest ability to be herself; nevertheless, some viewers plainly go too far.

She was startled and disgusted when a “fan” gave her a private video of themselves masturbating into a hotdog bun while watching her training stream.

Sweet Anita posted a tweet on November 10th writing; “I just did a workout stream because I like encouraging my discord community to workout with me, and I got a video of someone watching my stream and masturbating into a hotdog bun.”

After an user asked if she ever becomes “numb to this weird and creepy s***,” the Twitch star replied that she keeps believing she will “get used to it at some point,” but it never happens. Anita also shared a screenshot of the chat, which she claims took place on Twitter or Instagram.

The unidentified individual wrote in the messages; “You have one of the fattest asses ever. When I see you stand up, I want to pull your ass into my hard c***k. I need you to post a pic of your body from behind in a thong.”

After that, the user posted a video of themself masturbating while watching Anita’s training session saying; “I’ve been waiting for this. You can see the pre c*m.”

Naturally, our reaction is “ew, what the actual f***k,” but the sad reality is that this is not an uncommon occurrence. Many of Anita’s Twitter followers urged her to report the individual and pursue legal action.

Unfortunately, this abuse pales in comparison to that which many other female broadcasters and content creators face on a regular basis. Nonetheless, it never ceases to amaze me how certain people, for whatever reason, lack even the most basic level of human decency, because such behavior is far from usual.