Disguised Toast recently explained why the current Twitch landscape does not encourage “risk-taking,” citing many streamers who only watch MasterChef as an example.

In November of 2021, Disguised Toast returned to Twitch. Since then, he’s shared a slew of thoughts on the platform’s current state, as well as why YouTube is a better place for young content creators to start. Now he weighed in on the current trend of big streamers like xQc and Hasan live-streaming their MasterChef watch-throughs.

On December 31st, the streamer went live and explained why Twitch streamers follow the leader when it comes to what shows they are willing to watch live.

Toast believes that streamers are afraid of DMCA lawsuits, which can result in a ban on Twitch, and that they are afraid of broadcasting anything outside of the established norm. So far, no one has been punished for watching the cooking show on Twitch, though Asmongold, another Twitch star, predicted it “won’t last long.”

Disguised Toast then compared streamers’ aversion to taking risks to Squid Game’s glass stepping challenge and was referring to his recent foray into live-streaming entire episodes of Naruto on his Twitch channel, which has so far resulted in no DMCA violations.

The former Hearthstone streamer is concerned that no one wants to take chances because of the possibility of a ban, which would hurt content creators’ wallets.