While livestreaming Elden Ring, Zack “Asmongold” raged at his Twitch viewers.

After grinding through the Korean Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game – Lost Ark, Asmongold returned to play Elden Ring. After being overwhelmed by the game’s sheer amount of content, the streamer continued to play Elden Ring on and off during his broadcast.

During a previous stream, Asmongold was making his way through a legacy dungeon, where he was on his way to killing one of the game’s demigods. After dying repeatedly in-game, viewers in his chat began offering advice on how to overcome the obstacle. The streamer lost his cool after being irritated by people’s backseat gaming.

The Elden Ring Hype Train is still moving forward, with streamers now finishing the game and moving on to the end of the storyline. Asmongold, too, got into the game with a bang, but he appeared to be a little demotivated a few days after it launched.

Since then, the OTK co-founder has been progressing slowly in the game, focusing the majority of his stream on playing Lost Ark. The streamer started playing Elden Ring earlier today, after playing Lost Ark for about six and a half hours. He planned on progressing through a volcanic area called Mt Gelmir.

He was tasked with eliminating the area’s main boss, a serpentine monster known as Praetor Rykard. This boss encounter necessitates the use of a special item in order to kill it as quickly as possible. Asmongold, being Asmongold, chose to fight the boss head-to-head with the generic weapon.

The streamer was visibly irritated by the fact that he couldn’t even come close to killing this boss after losing several times. Viewers on his Twitch chat started advising him to get the weapon he needed.

During the boss fight, the streamer continued to struggle, dying in-game over and over again. After about fifteen minutes, Asmongold made the decision to use the special item, and he was able to defeat the boss.

Asmongold then continued to play the game, exploring different tunnels in search of materials for weapon upgrades, raiding castles, and fighting another tough demigod boss known as Starscourge Radahn.

As he failed to kill the boss, the audience and fans in the streamer’s Twitch chat continued to laugh at him. Some sympathized with him, telling the other chat members to stop backseat-gaming the streamer and let him play how he wanted.

Before the game’s release, Asmongold was one of the first few streamers to get early access to Elden Ring. He claimed at the time that he would not abandon the game and would finish it.

He did, however, quit once. He claimed that there was no in-game guidance and that the world was too open and overwhelming. The streamer now intends to complete the game at his own leisure, avoiding any unnecessary challenges.