Twitch streamer Nick Stewart, better known by his screen name Jynxzi, publicly criticized the well-known UK-based YouTube group Sidemen and declared his intention to take part in the next Charity Match 2023.

With over 112K subscribers, Nick now has a sizable lead of over 30K subscribers over Kai Cenat, who is the second-most subscribed streamer on Twitch.  One of the biggest YouTube events of the year, The Sidemen Charity Match 2023, will include well-known personalities including Jimmy “MrBeast,” Darren “IShowSpeed,” and Felix “xQc.” Jynxzi responded to a supporter who urged him to take part in the event by saying: “Starting striker right here”

Due to his rise up the ranks and subsequent acquisition of the title of most subscribed streamer on Twitch, Jynxzi has been creating a lot of talk within the streaming community. Because Kai Cenat, who had held that job for some months, has suddenly been deposed, this has generated a lot of media attention. Nick, who is 21 years old, has amassed a sizable following for his live-streamed video, particularly his attention to games like Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege and NBA 2K. His Twitch account currently has over two million followers, and he also has an astounding total of 927K YouTube subscribers. He recently responded to a fan’s query on his Snapchat story by sharing: “You need to play in the Sidemen Charity Match.”

The streamer then offered his suggestion to play as a striker in the situation: “My brother, I’ve been wanting to play in the Sidemen Charity Match since last year (2022). All they got to do is stop Drak-ing me and get me on the line-up. Starting striker right here (pointing to himself).” 

The Sidemen have not yet responded to his petition, as of yet.