According to a Twitch streamer who overcame Malenia after nearly 3,000 attempts, Elden Ring’s bosses are among the hardest and most taxing you’re ever likely to encounter.

FromSoftware’s games are renowned for their difficulty, with titles like Dark Souls and Bloodborne presenting players with some extremely challenging battles. Elden Ring, their most recent and popular game, is no exception, putting Soulsborne fans through some incredibly cruel encounters.

Popular Twitch streamer Dan Gheesling succeeded in doing exactly that, defeating the powerful Malenia in his 2,999th attempt. Malenia is regarded as one of the toughest bosses in the Elden Ring due to her potent attacks that replenish her health bar while wreaking havoc on yours.

Dan Gheesling had been attempting to win the optional challenge while keeping track of how many times he had failed. After just one more failure than the 3,000 threshold, he attained his long-awaited victory.

Malenia was only one hit away from being killed on attempt 2,999, the streamer realizes after reducing her health bar and avoiding one of her numerous attacks. It’s understandable that the comments were gushing in praise for Dan after winning such a drawn-out battle. You have to respect the sheer perseverance Gheesling displayed to finally secure the victory because we have all experienced being bogged down in a single fight at some point in our gaming lives.