Hunter “SicK” Mimms, a former Sentinels Valorant actor, has vowed to sue Twitch after receiving a two-week suspension; however, he has already begun streaming on Kick.

SicK took some time to establish himself on the global scene after joining the professional CS’GO ranks back in 2015. After a stint with teams like Misfits, Rogue, and Complexity, he found himself playing for Chaos after a period of time in the wilderness. SicK made the switch to Valorant in mid-2020, joining the Sentinels team, where he has remained for three years, along with many other CS:GO professionals at the time. However, the last year of that has been spent as an inactive player, taking a vacation for his mental health but still being available as a replacement if needed. However, he has had some difficult recent weeks. After getting into a fight at a Ferrari dealership on March 4, he was taken into custody and charged with criminal trespassing. This led to a brief period of imprisonment. Due to his behavior, which previous colleagues have described as “erratic,” he has also received Twitch bans.

The former Valorant and CS:GO pro has now received a second two-week suspension from Twitch and is contemplating legal action against the Amazon-owned streaming service.

He tweeted on May 23, urging Twitch to “help” with the situation; “I have been banned from Twitch again … for two weeks. Not really sure what I did wrong this time but I won’t allow it. I genuinely did nothing wrong this time. I’m not going to take a two-week ban, might have to sue Twitch if it stays this way.”

Additionally, Mims proposed he stream on the Stake-supported Kick platform in the interim, and he actually followed through on that suggestion. Although it was initially proposed as merely an option, he has since made it clear that, should his Twitch ban not be lifted, he intends to remain on Kick. But what will happen is still uncertain.