Stephen “Destiny” Bonell II recently got unexpectedly suspended from streaming platform Twitch, fans immediately wondered why and when he would return.

Destiny is known for making controversial statements and expressing strong opinions, so the suspension came as no surprise. However, it appeared out of nowhere, leaving fans to speculate as to why his streaming account was shut down.

Destiny was banned on March 24th, and the community assumed it was because he tweeted a statement containing a racial slur. The tweet appeared to be aimed at “hypocrites” who objected to the use of certain racial epithets but didn’t mind using the word “cracker.”

Despite the fact that the rumored reason didn’t appear to be too serious to Destiny’s fans, this wasn’t the streamer’s first time being banned from Twitch. Destiny was accused of “encouraging violence” during the Black Lives Matter protests in 2020, prompting one of the bans.

Destiny received an email from Twitch this time, stating that he had been banned for supporting a hate crime or advocating for the exclusion of a group of people because of their disability. This could be due to Destiny’s stance on trans women competing in sports alongside other women, he said during a YouTube stream.

Twitch has now permanently banned Destiny. On Reddit, he confirmed the news. Twitch’s decision enraged fans, who claimed it had a negative impact on the debate scene and the state of political content on the streaming platform.

Destiny may try to overturn the ban, but he hasn’t had much luck doing so in the past. Destiny may abandon Twitch in favor of YouTube, where it will stream and upload videos exclusively. This is a “blessing” for Destiny, according to World of Warcraft player Asmongold, because Twitch has shown a willingness to silence Destiny during his more controversial discussions, whereas YouTube may be willing to give him more leeway.