Twitch streamer Tyler Faraz Nikam aka Trainwreckstv was left stunned after he discovered a bald patch on his head during a recent live broadcast.

Trainwrecks has more than 1.6 million followers on Twitch. He is best known for his controversial online gambling streams, which he has come under fire for in recent times. Aside from streaming slot games, he is also known for his outlandish streams. Whether it is causing havoc in the role-playing landscape of Grand Theft Auto 5 or chilling out in the Just Chatting genre, you can expect something wild to happen. But then during his most recent live broadcast, his time to talk to his viewers has led him to an unexpected personal realization.

While talking and hanging out to his viewers, Trainwrecks is showing off how his headphones sit perfectly on his head as he takes viewers through the state of his haircut. He discusses why he places his headset in a certain manner stating; “that’s just where my ears are bro.”

But when he goes further into his hair deconstruction, he cuts himself off abruptly after revealing that he had a lack of hair forming on the centre of his scalp. Trainwrecs was stunned and speechless for a moment, unable to speak due to the shock of the new discovery. His twitch chat responds immediately with some incredibly amusing comments.

Furthermore, after reflecting on what just happened, Tyler ended the stream shortly after. This hasn’t stopped the streamer from acting fast, taking to Twitter to keep fans informed during this important time, telling them that he ordered Rogaine hair growth foam.