Twitch Rivals live events returned recently in Las Vegas, with some of the platform’s most popular content creators competing in IRL challenges for a $250,000 prize pool.

Tyler1 claimed that numerous contestants and fellow streamers were disrespectful to on-site Twitch Rivals staff shortly after the event began, describing their behavior as childish. Tyler1 stated, “These other streamers are like children. Like how socially incompetent are streamers bro. The guy was talking and explaining the rules and everyone was talking over him. Not even paying attention. I was like, are you children? ”

Several League of Legends streamers allegedly interrupted employees with childish questions as they were discussing the rules of a game in which competitors had to hang on to a set of dice, according to the League of Legends steamer.

Will Neff and Sodapoppin both acknowledged asking whether they could put the dice in their mouth, but they explained why they did so.

WillNeff stated; “Chance and I asked if we could put the dice in our mouth because when you’re pedaling we asked if you could bite the corner of it so you wouldn’t drop it. If you dropped the dice, you got a 10-second time penalty. So I was literally asking if I could bite the dice, I wasn’t trying to be disrespectful.”

Sodapoppin also chimed in to say “Tyler just wanted to call streamers stupid because everyone loves doing that.”

Hasan Piker, one of Will Neff’s closest on-stream friends, backed up his friend’s claims. Hasan said; “I think that people were asking if they could put it in their mouths because they wanted to min-max, not because people were being childish,”

Since then, neither Twitch staff nor Tyler1 have spoken out about this or any other incident. The Twitch Rivals event is still scheduled to run through November 5th.