Twitch streamer Felix Lengyel aka xQc has found a way that might have saved him from potential Twitch DMCA bans.

Twitch streamer xQc has become one of the most popular streamers on the platform these days. However, despite being massively popular, he also had to deal with his fair share of suspensions from the platform. Earlier in August, xQc faced his fifth ban from the platform and it turns out that he was banned because of watching the Olympics live on stream.

Some fans have wondered that xQc might be permanently banned from the platform considering he got banned for the fifth time but that didn’t happen as mere hours after getting suspended on Twitch, he was unbanned and his channel has been reinstated.

Now, during his most recent live broadcast, it seems like xQc has discovered a way to counter further headaches and having to deal with DMCA bans.

He discovered a new setting that removes music from videos of previous streams. With the help of Twitch, there was a new setting which is a new OBS change and it will allow streamers on the platform to listen to music without having the music show up in the vods later on. This new settings change will help streamers in the long run in avoiding being struck for listening to copyrighted music. The most impressive part of the new feature is that it doesn’t change the streamer’s voice in the VOD, meaning just the music will be removed.

Upon discovering about the new setting, Twitch streamer xQc was completely shocked as he learned that it totally worked. He exclaimed; “Oh damn! It works! That’s a big deal.” Hopefully, this will allow streamers to upload their vods without having to worry about backdate DMCA issues.