Jeremy “Disguised Toast” recently admitted that his one regret from the Rust Twitch Rivals event was not learning enough Spanish.

Toast was playing Geoguesser with a group of other streamers, including Pokimane, Scarra, QuarterJade, and others, when he was having trouble distinguishing between Latin American countries. He joked that he regrets not brushing up on his Spanish during the recent Twitch Rivals competition.

Toast and a large group of streamers, including LilyPichu, Pokimane, Scarra, and QuarterJade, played Geoguesser. When it came to Latin American countries, Toast was having trouble distinguishing between them.

He was looking for clues when he came across a street sign that said “aeropuerto,” which is the Spanish word for airport. The Canadian streamer focused on the “-puerto” part of the word, assuming it meant the location was in Puerto Rico, an American territory.

The correct answer was Peru, so Toast was completely wrong. She explained that when she is only certain of the continent of the location, she employs a specific strategy.

While Toast would have been better served by sticking to the same strategy, it was a commendable effort to search the area for clues as to where it might be.

The chat flooded Disguised Toast’s stream, explaining that “puerto” simply means “port,” but he was adamant about it having something to do with Puerto Rico at first.

He laughed about it once he realized his error, using the opportunity to mention the recent Rust Twitch Rivals event he helped organize. He expressed regret for not spending more time with the Spanish team during the competition to gain a better understanding of the language.

Many members of the Spanish team decided not to play on the second day of the Rust Twitch Rivals event, causing controversy. They claimed they were treated unfairly and that the event was poorly planned.

Not only did the Spanish streamers meet to discuss forfeiting and the fact that many of them would not be present for Day 2, but there was also a problem with chat hoppers targeting the North American team’s streams. Racist and sexist remarks were directed at North American streamers, including Toast, by these commenters.

While Disguised Toast may have a few more regrets about the controversial event in retrospect, it’s good that he can laugh about it now. Hopefully, he will be able to assist in the planning of another similar event in the future.

Commenters on the YouTube video were split on whether Toast’s remarks were racist or offensive.

While not understanding the language, he uses a stereotypical Spanish accent. However, nothing he says could really be construed as being offensive.

Perhaps Toast was incorrect in his use of the accent, but the Twitch Rivals jab at the Spanish team is still enjoyable.