Scottish Esports League fourth season will have the country’s biggest prize pool and Lanarkshire players are now able to compete and participate in this new massive Esports competition.

Lanarkshire teams are being encouraged to sign up for Esports Scotland’s brand new showpiece event that will be held in November. The Scottish Esports LeagueSeason 4 (SEL4) will happen at the DundeeContemporary Arts hub.

This event follows on the success of the last season (SEL3) and the continued growth of Esports and Gaming in Scotland in 2020. Many teams are now preparing for the said event where the largest prize pot in history of Scottish Esports is on offer with a whopping amount of £10,000.

The popularity of gaming was shown last year across Scotland as many celebrities and athletes got also involved in it, which includes the likes of Scotland men’s national team stars Motherwell’s Tony Watt, John McGinn, and Ryan Christie.

The owner of Esports Scotland, James Hood says that throughout lockdown, they witnessed more people playing video games than ever before and that they are so excited to provide a platform for their nation’s gamers so that they can develop their talent and appetite for competitive matches play.

He added saying that he is a true believer that Scotland has the potential to produce sports icons in the future that’s why they are striving to offer a top-level environment for them in Scotland and that has been a huge goal for them.

A number of players are expected to join and participate in the frame at SEL4 with two new video games, League of Legends and Valorant. Amongst the contenders in the previous event are the Motherwell brothers, Professional FIFA player Marc Marley, and YouTuber Gray Marley.

James Hood added that the SEL4 will mark another milestone for Esports in Scotland and they are delighted with their progression over the past 12 months, which allowed them to secure such a technologically and modern advanced venue.

He then said they are hugely excited that their dream to host an event of that caliber is becoming a reality.

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