A clip of a popular Twitch Streamer and YouTuber Zylbrad has been circulating on Twitter showing a racist tirade against Indigenous Australians during his recent Overwatch stream.

Zylbrad is one of the popular Apex Legends content creators with over 2.5 million subscribers and more than 125k followers on Twitch. His YouTube channel is now dedicated to Apex Legends content but before he switched, he was an Overwatch content creator.

Last August 11th, a clip of him during his Overwatch days circulated on Twitter where he was heard using racist language against Aboriginal Australians. It starts out with his teammates telling him that they’re gonna win the game and he suddenly responds saying that they’re killing Aboriginals and that he’s Australian, killing and hunting them and then suddenly bursts into laughter while making his insensitive remarks.

He then carries on saying that they’ve gotta catch “Abos” and if they do, they’re going to release them and that it sounds like a “rape” attempt.

Zylbrad apologized to the said clip showing him making racist remarks saying that he’s sorry to everyone that was hurt by it. He said that the said video was 5 years ago and that it was obviously not okay and an extremely poor mentality from his younger self. He said sorry once again and said that he knows that words don’t fix that.

The clip is now gone and removed from TikTok.