Twitch streamer Mitch Jones has sent fans into a frenzy with the release of his debut EP titled, “If I Could Go Back.”

Having gained notable traction in the Twitch community over the years, Mitch Jones is transitioning from streams to songwriting.

Whether it was World of Warcraft, Pokemon Go, or Just Chatting content, Mitch dominated Twitch with natural decorum and has since accumulated over half a million dedicated followers on the platform. Now, Mitch Jones has unveiled six heartfelt tracks on If I Could Go Back, many of which allude to the passing of his best friend and fellow twitch streamer Byron Bernstein aka Reckful.

Mitch has found recent success within the music scene, with his single ‘Now That You’re Gone,’ as a tribute to a close friend Reckful that he lost a little under a year ago. The artist has turned to music and songwriting as an outlet for therapy, as he endures heartbreak, attachment, and loss. This fanbase has continued to support this transition from streaming to making music, generating hundreds of thousands of views from fans and Twitch streamers such as XQC, Pokimane, Mizkif, and many more after his very first release.

Earlier this year, Mitch took to YouTube to explain why he’s retiring with a title ‘Treading new waters,’ where he speaks on the devastating impact Reckful’s death continues to have on him a year after the fact, and why he feels it is time to explore other avenues as he stated; “Truly I had some magical moments as a streamer, and those days are over. Every day that I continue just feels like me trying to relive something that I’ve already reached the peak of.”

Although it is uncommon for Twitch streamers to transition into music, Mitch is one of the few to successfully navigate the process. Listen now on all platforms, as this project is something to be excited about.