Pokimane has been on a roll recently. The 25-year-old Twitch star has been giving a lot of hot takes lately, all with the goal of bringing the community together.

A Trainwreckstv follower and viewer came to Pokimane’s chat with a vent to share during a recent stream. The viewer admitted to having a gambling addiction after Pokimane acknowledged her curiosity and pressed for more information.

Pokimane questioned the viewer’s plan to solve his problem briefly before suggesting rehabilitation as a viable option. In a slightly accusatory tone, she also told the viewers things they probably already knew about gambling institutions profiting off of gamblers.

When the viewer told her he was “trying,” she immediately corrected herself and offered what she thought was the best advice she could give.

During the stream, many viewers expressed sympathy for the individual, claiming that they, too, struggled with addiction, which isn’t always easy to deal with and overcome. Some people also mentioned the’sunk cost fallacy,’ which is a cognitive bias that leads to people continuing to invest or gamble even when they are losing money.

This describes the irrational habit of being unable to cut losses due to all of the time, money, and resources invested in the past, causing losses to mount and financial ruin to ensue.

The person is probably way too involved in their situation and still believes that gains are possible, despite the fact that the outlook is bleak.

Other viewers wanted to explain the severity and reality of gambling addiction to those who don’t take it as seriously as other types of addiction. They also empathized with the audience because they appear sincere in their self-awareness and are clearly dealing with debt and addiction.

Some viewers were outraged by Trainwreckstv’s business practices, citing how impressionable he is and how many viewers have succumbed to gambling addiction losses simply because of his platform.

Others attempted to justify Trainwreckstv’s platform by citing the good he tries to do in the community through donations to both viewers and streamers, as well as his upcoming mental health initiative, in which he has pledged hundreds of thousands of dollars, but the vast majority of commenters agreed that what Trainwreckstv was doing was “unethical.”

Tyler “Trainwreckstv” is a Twitch streamer known for his high-stakes casino gambling streams. He has 1.5 million Twitch followers and gives back to his community on a regular basis. The streamer, on the other hand, has recently become a contentious topic, with the community split on whether he is a motivating icon or a tyrannical influencer.