Pokelawls revealed his recent medical diagnoses during his most recent stream, informing his audience of the incurable disease he suffers from.

Pokelawls is a well-known Grand Theft Auto 5 Role Play (GTA5 RP) streamer with a Twitch following of nearly one million people. He recently admitted on Twitter that personal events in his life were causing him a lot of stress.

He announced to his audience today that he would be sharing some good news with them by posting a photo of himself outside of a biopsy medical room.

When he first started his stream, he told his audience that a doctor had given him a cancer diagnosis that turned out to be false, relieving him of much of his stress.

However, the false diagnosis was replaced with a true one, stating that Poke suffers from “Hashimoto’s disease,” a rare thyroid disease.

Poke then recalls his doctor’s statement that there is no known way to prevent the disease from developing. He laughed about his bad luck and expressed gratitude for the fact that he was spared cancer.

The disease has no cure and appears to be unpreventable, so it will either go away naturally or he will have to deal with the symptoms and treatment for the rest of his life. However, because the disease is not fatal in and of itself, he can take the appropriate medication to alleviate his symptoms.

Some Reddit users expressed their delight at the news, with much-expressing relief that Pokelawls’ cancer diagnosis was false.

While the disease is incurable and may affect him for the rest of his life, the good news is that doctors discovered it before any negative symptoms began to harm him.