Michael ‘Shroud‘ Grzesiek is known for his incredible first-person shooter skills, but he recently shared his thoughts on the battle royale genre.

Shroud isn’t a newcomer to the Battle Royale genre. In fact, the streamer has spent a significant amount of time playing a variety of games, including Warzone and Apex Legends. Despite his keen eye for detail and excellent game sense, the popular FPS streamer has expressed his dissatisfaction with the current BR genre.

The squad-based mayhem of these competitive games provides exhilarating action for many players. Shroud appears to be sick of the current formula. This isn’t entirely surprising, given the overabundance of battle royale games on the market.

Shroud gave his honest opinion on the ever-growing popularity of BR games during his recent Apex Legends stream. While shroud has recently been playing Apex Legends, it’s clear that he’s grown tired of the genre’s gameplay.

Shroud, like many other FPS players, would like to see something new added to the current market. Whether it’s a new BR that shakes up the well-worn tropes or a completely new experience, there’s no denying that fresh ideas would help provide a bit more variety in this popular game genre.

It’s unclear whether shroud will continue to stream BR content on Twitch, but for the time being, the streamer appears uninterested in this rapidly growing trend.