Wearing a fake chest during a stream caused Twitch streamer poopernoodle’s viewership to skyrocket, something she had never experienced before.

Poopernoodle is a streamer on the well-liked Amazon-owned streaming service who has achieved viral fame for pulling off hilarious stunts during her stream. She gained notoriety in September 2021 for using only her nose as a paintbrush while live-streaming a portrait of Twitch star xQc.

Noodle has returned, and this time, she pulled another prank that caused her to become popular once more. On July 1, the streamer from the UK went live while dressed as Vykas from the well-known MMO Lost Ark.

The fake chest she wore and displayed live during the cosplay brought in a significant number of new viewers, making that broadcast one of her most popular ones to date. The prosthetic chest looked completely natural because it perfectly complemented her skin tone.

The streamer stated while displaying a screenshot of her daily stats. Her Twitch statistics show that she gained nearly 20k new unique viewers, over 37k live viewers, and an increase in an average viewership of over 800.

On July 2, poopernoodle streamed live in the Vykas cosplay to an average audience that was more than twice what it had been before.

It’s possible that Poopernoodle created the new meta for Twitch streaming.