During one of his recent live broadcasts, GTA RP streamer Penta reveals the seriously jaw-dropping amount of money that Facebook gaming had offered him to join its platform. Penta is a well-known member of the GTA RP Nopixel community.

One of the biggest competitors for Twitch right now is Facebook Gaming. After Microsoft has announced it is shutting the Mixer live streaming portal, they partnered with Facebook Gaming to merge platforms.

Microsoft and Facebook have partnered up to make transitioning to Facebook Gaming from Mixer a painless process and it’s a good platform to stream on. Facebook Gaming has had a massive advantage over other companies considering it was built on a previously well-established social media platform. Because of this, some streamers with the likes of Disguised Toast have made a move on Facebook.

Now, it seems that Facebook attempted to get another exclusive streaming deal with a popular Twitch streamer and that is the popular GTA RP Penta. Penta currently has 268,000 followers on Twitch and most commonly does GTA Roleplay streams.

During one of his recent live broadcasts, Penta went on to reveal that the company offered him millions of dollars to make the transition over to Facebook Gaming. While it seems he couldn’t disclose the official amount that Facebook offered him, it most likely due to some sort of Non-Disclosure Agreement.

But, he does make a related joke saying he would have to win “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” five times in order to recuperate the losses. Despite admitting that the actual amount wasn’t exactly $5 million, it is safe to assume that the amount he was offered is close.