Following the success of League of Legends‘ virtual K-pop girl group, K/DA, one talented Genshin Impact fan has formed their own idol group with some of the game’s most popular characters.

While miHoYo has yet to form its own Genshin Impact girl band, that hasn’t stopped @soyventilatte from forming their own K-pop fan group. The artist has given each of the four members of the Idol Liyue Girls their own individual skins, as well as different positions within the group.

Beautiful symphonic songs abound in Genshin Impact, and the gorgeous settings are sure to inspire its inhabitants. Yunjin, an unreleased character noted for her wonderful voice, performs musical performances at Liyue’s Tea House in particular. It’s only natural, then, that Liyue would have its own K-pop-inspired group.

Keqing, Ganyu, Yanfei, and Hu Tao are the members of Genshin Impact’s own K-pop band. The Idol Liyue Girls are made up of these four characters, each of whom has a distinct function to play.

Keqing is the group’s main dancer, vocalist, and leader, and her dazzling performances have wowed fans. It’s an appropriate job for the 5-star Electro character, who is recognized for her battlefield agility and grace.

Ganyu is the lead singer, dancer, and visual artist. Because of her gorgeous design and enormous damage potential, the Plenilune Gaze is one of the most popular characters in the game, making her ideal for leading the band’s vocals.

Yanfei, a 4-star Pyro unit, comes next. Because Yanfei is known for her ability to build up elemental reactions that boost her team’s damage, @soyventilatte has appointed Wise Innocence as the group’s main rapper.

Yanfei’s passion for reading will ensure that the group can produce plenty of chart-topping singles, not just because of her fiery lyrics, but also because of her love of reading.

Hu Tao, Genshin Impact’s ghost-loving girl, is the final character to make their debut. Hu Tao is the Idol Liyue Girls’ main vocalist, lead rapper, and center. Hu Tao is noted for writing beautiful poetry that strongly resonates with the people of the region when she isn’t coping with the dead. Hu Tao’s extra eccentricity could make for some eerie surprises, but her cheery nature and love of pranks will bring lots of laughs to any performance.

It’s unclear whether miHoYo will ever form their own K-pop-inspired band, but @soyventilatte’s fan-made idol group has all the makings of a number one hit.