Youtuber David Dobrik has declined the idea of fighting someone amidst the Youtube boxing phenomenon.

In recent months, the Youtube Boxing phenomenon has been roaring.

We have already seen some Youtubers, Twitch stars as well as some TikTok stars doing boxing fights with each other and it seems like it won’t be stopping anytime soon as more stars have been taking part in the trend as time goes by.

Many have also asked the Youtuber David Dobrik to hop right in, however, it seems like it was not happening anytime soon as Dobrik dismissed the idea of fighting someone during the most recent youtube video upload of the youtube channel “The Hollywood Fix”. In the video, David Dobrik has been asked about potentially fighting Adin Ross. In response to this, Dobrik declined, stating that he doesn’t want to punch on with anyone in the streamer and influencer community.

Here’s what he said; “Bro, I can’t fight anybody. I wish. I wish it was like a different sport. And racquet sport, I know that makes me sound like even a bigger p*ssy, but anything like Ping Pong, Tennis, even like basketball, but I can’t fight. I can’t do it.”

Despite YouTube boxing being so popular, it seems like we won’t be seeing David Dobrik hop in the trend very soon. Fighting obviously isn’t for everyone. With all the training and preparation that comes beforehand, that is time that could be spent on other things like filming vlogs for Dobrik.