Following the lifting of her ban, one of Twitch’s most popular streamers is now able to produce more content. However, it remains unclear why FaZe Kalei was given a three-day suspension in the first place.

On Saturday morning, the Streamer Bans Twitter account announced that Twitch had reversed its decision and lifted the ban on FaZe Kalei. Now that the situation has been reversed, her fans may want to investigate why the streamer was punished in the first place. If she knows what’s causing the problem, she hasn’t revealed it yet through her usual social media outlets.

Kalei appears to have learned about her ban from the same Streamer Bans account, as when the tweet appeared, she had some harsh words for Twitch. Perhaps feeling manipulated, as some other Twitch streamers have recently claimed, she responded to the news of her ban by calling Twitch the “worst website to ever exist.” She went on to say that site administrators had given her no reason why she couldn’t post in her channel.

One of her fans eventually suggested that the problem was caused by something she said in her Twitch chat. It appears that streamers will be held accountable if they allow commenters to say or do things that violate the site’s rules. FaZe Kalei appeared skeptical that this could be the case, claiming that she has set the censorship rules in the chat so high that even people posting “baby” or “babies” will be blocked.