Timmy An AKA iiTzTimmy previously completed the ambitious Paec Legends’ challenge, going from Bronze to Predator in just one stream. Now, other streamers such as his fellow streamer Christian Feliciano AKA Nokokopuffs is following in his footsteps and trying exactly what he did.

iiTzTimmy’s recent achievement completing the Apex Legends challenge shook the community because he was able to rank up from Bronze to Predatorand it reached 150,000 viewers at its peak.

Now other streamers are attempting the insane challenge and many already tapped out but Nokokopuffs is closer to emulate iiTzTimmy’s success.

Nokokopuffs is also a popular streamer with more than 250,000 followers on the streaming platform and embarked his journey last August 18th trying to take Timmy’s throne or join him. According to Nokokopuffs, it will surely be a long day for him and said that he and Timmy had different playstyles wherein Timmy always pushes and he is an aggressive player.

He already reached top rank in Apex numerous times but also blazed through the lower rank. However, he also hit the rank Diamond just like Timmy and it took him hours to reach it and slowly losing his sanity in the process. He said that it was a stupid challenge and curse Timmy for doing it even though he was not challenged by Timmy and said that he is now in a delusional stage and rename Timmy’s greatest challenge to do not attempt the said challenge. He said that Timmy made it look so fun and congratulated him for finishing the hardest challenge and making it look so easy.

Nokokopuffs did manage to reach Master in reasonable time and climbed up towards 10500RP but eventually ranked down to 10023 RP but said that he will not still quit because he will surely regret it.

At the end of his stream, he wasn’t able to pull off the challenge but still, he has earned thousands of viewer’s respect and peaked at 10,000viewers and gained thousands of subscribers.

According to him, he really enjoyed the stream and didn’t want it to end and said that it was indeed another memorable moment for him seeing people hyping him up. He also said that it has been a big moment for him and that he really loves it. Also, he said that he doesn’t think that he will try it again soon but he will try the Next World’s Edge.