After taking a long hiatus from broadcasting on his main Twitch channel, popular Twitch streamer Asmongold has revealed that the launch of Amazon’s New World MMO will coincide with his formal comeback to content creation.

Despite being one of Twitch’s most popular streamers, Asmongold has faced a lot of difficulties during his many years in the online entertainment industry, both professionally and personally. In recent months, the Twitch star has taken multiple hiatus from streaming, both scheduled and unplanned. During this difficult period, he also spoke up about his ongoing fight to maintain good mental health and how those concerns have affected him.

Now, after occasionally streaming on his second channel throughout the most recent absence, Asmongold has set a firm date for his full return, which coincides with the release of the highly anticipated New World MMO in 2021.

The Twitch streamer updated his followers on Twitter on September 26th with an update on his current personal condition and a confirmation of his scheduled comeback to streaming.

He told his fans via twitter post; “[I’ll] be back to streaming for [the] New World release. My mom is doing *okay* and I’ve missed you guys. Thanks for all the positive messages, I read a lot of them out to her and it improved her spirits quite a bit”. 

Amazon’s MMO entry is set to launch on Tuesday, September 28th, barring any unexpected last-minute delays.

Asmongold also provided an update on his mother’s health, which is one of the reasons for his recent absence from Twitch. He affirmed, without going into detail, that his mother was OK.

While Asmon’s second channel, zackrawrr, has been broadcasting on and off for the past month, his main account has stayed largely dormant – a significant move for a streamer who regularly streams between 140 and 230 hours each month. 

For the time being, Asmongold appears confident in his long-awaited return, which is expected to bring tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of viewers when he returns on September 28th. His long layoff, paired with the debut of New World, is expected to draw a large audience.