Popular Twitch streamer, Asmongold recently shared his thoughts regarding WoW’s future and predicts that it will be seeing huge changes in the upcoming patches and that will either break or break the MMORPG.

In the recent months, World of Warcraft has been bleeding users thanks to other games rising the rank and the devs’ own issues, both pertaining to the company as a whole and the game itself.

Now, Asmongold is claiming that users and fans will be in for some new crazy updates that will change the game forever. He said that World of Warcraft needs changes and that they need it because the team handling the game is too slow to make decisions and also unwilling to listen to its users and also constantly making mistakes.

Asmongold said that the team who are currently working on WoW doesn’t know what they are doing and said to them that they don’t have to claim that they know what they are doing because if they do, they will lose 50% of their players.

He also believes that WoW will go in two directions. He said that in the first, it would go to into a super maintenance mode and coming into mobile free-to-play title with microtransactions, and the other one is that they will release a very large patch that the game itself will see some massive changes and exclaimed that it will going to be insane.

For him, he believes that Blizzard can still earn and get money while making it a better experience. He said that WoW’s level of failure will either attract attention from leadership and will somehow reconstruct the way content is created or it will get a lot worse and will continue to go down one way or another.

Many are interested to see if his prediction comes true and hope that if it does, the game will hopefully become a lot better.