Popular Twitch Streamer Nock Kolcheff AKA NICKMERCS recently announced that he’s quitting Warzone for the time being and said that the BR is currently in a bad spot and that he is sick playing it in general.

NICKMERCS is without a doubt one of the top Warzone streamers but recently, he announced that he will be taking a break from the game, temporarily.

Nick posted and explained last August 3th that he had simply lost all his drive and desire to play Warzone in the past few weeks and said that he’d rather play Pokemon and that he was seriously burnt and lost the fire for Warzone. Many of his fans know that this isn’t the first time he switched games, so it doesn’t mean that he’ll be staying away from Warzone forever.

According to NICKMERCS, playing Warzone is really tough right now but there has never been a better time to dip away from it than now and added that it’s also August now and that a new CoD will be released a couple of months from now. Also, didn’t exactly say that he’s quitting because of hackers but he made it clear that they helped him make up his mind and shared that his last four tournaments he played in were hacked and that it’s getting crazy and that the devs are not doing anything about it, like they don’t care or at least that’s what it seems.

Many are wondering where will be headed now knowing that Warzone was the majority of his contents but bow, he is also still one of the Fortnite streamers despite only playing a couple of tournaments. Also, he’s close to breaking into Apex Legends’ top 10 streamers, so he should have no problem taking a break from Warzone indefinitely.