Lost Ark has a bot issue, and Asmongold, Twitch’s most popular MMO influencer, isn’t having it.

Today, while talking to his viewers on stream, the popular content creator and react streamer used the Steam Charts database to show how botting in the game is ruining the player experience.

When there are resources that can be easily farmed through automated means, botting is common in MMOs. In the case of Raiders of the Lost Ark, the automated characters have begun to prevent real players from entering the game.

Asmongold went on to describe his experience forming groups to run instances. He explained that after asking people if they wanted to play with him, many of his viewers would say in chat that they couldn’t get into the game due to server queues.

The constant traffic in Lost Ark indicates that the game is not cyclical in nature, as is common in popular games. While some games have more active players than others, the number of players online tends to fluctuate throughout the day. In North America, games usually see a spike in activity in the evening, which is commonly referred to as “peak” gaming time.

Asmongold’s claim that bots are taking over Lost Ark was largely based on the lack of movement in the game. Instead, over the last few days, the game has maintained a steady user base of over half a million users.