Lily “LilyPichu,” a well-known singer and streamer on YouTube, recently made her VTubing debut.

The 31-year-old shared a lore video outlining the history of her VTuber avatar in a live stream that was released yesterday. This was followed by a 40-minute stream in which she appeared as an animated character.

The term “VTuber” is essentially a combination of the words “virtual” and “YouTuber.” VTubers typically communicate with their chat using an avatar created by a computer. The gaming/streaming community has over 10,000 active VTubers, according to the BBC. LilyPichu disclosed the name of her character, “Pomgirl,” who has an avatar that resembles a hybrid of a person and a dog. She said following her first virtual YouTuber live appearance: “It’s finally done”.

LilyPichu has officially joined the extensive roster of current virtual YouTubers by making this announcement. Lily has previously streamed as a VTuber model, despite the fact that her avatar only just debuted yesterday. She debuted as a VTuber back in 2020, despite the fact that her avatar looked noticeably different in person. Her avatar was created after merging with a Pomeranian puppy, according to a “lore video” that Lily posted: “It’s been so long. This has been in the works like almost a year actually. That was my lore.”

Additionally, she claimed that on November 20th, the day of her birthday, she became a VTuber: “For my birthday, I turned myself into a Pomeranian anime girl.” 

She also portrayed a “tiny” Lily emerging from the lips of the dozing Lily to stand in for the real-life streamer in the lore video. In order to create her new avatar, Sleeping Lily, also known as the “depressed” Lily, merged with Temmie, one of her Pomeranian puppies. LilyPichu thanked the animators who worked on the animated video for her on Twitter. The streamer named @Carrotsprout_, a Twitter user with more than 150K followers, as the primary creator of her lore video.