A comedian and Twitch streamer John ‘Robbotron’ Robertson spent two and a half hours in a hot tub full of Pepsi to raise money for charity.

Charity streams are frequently among the most popular and exciting events for streamers. Communities band together to raise funds, and the streamer usually goes above and beyond to promote the fundraiser.

People have used Twitch to stream for days on end, set goals for themselves, and even auction off their personal belongings to raise money for a good cause, and the more outrageous the stunt, the more money people are willing to donate but Robbotron might just be the most bizarre and outlandish charity stream ever. The comedian from London spent more than two hours in a hot tub filled with Pepsi Max.

Robbotron stripped down to his underwear and jumped into a hot tub, gradually filling it with Pepsi Max, on April 23rd. The crystal clear water had turned into a bubbling, steaming brown liquid by the time Robertson reached the end of the stream, making everything he touched a sticky mess.

Robbotron would then spend the next two and a half hours soaking in his Pepsi bath, all in the name of charity fundraising. Robertson raised over $3,600 during the stream, far exceeding his $5,000 goal.

All the while, he managed to put on a fantastic show for his audience. The comedian put on a show to remember, donning various masks and pouring liters upon liters of soda on himself.

The streamer donned his mermaid costume and Doom Guy helmet once more after achieving his goal, and sat in the sugary bath for one last time.

MermaidsUK, a charity that supports transgender, non-binary, and gender-diverse children, young people, and their families, will receive all of the proceeds from the event. Even though the stream is no longer running, you can still donate to the charity by visiting Robbotron’s fundraising page.