After bashing controller players, a popular Twitch streamer Myth adds fuel to the fire by debating the effectiveness of aim assist on controllers.

Is it better to use a mouse and keyboard or a game controller? This is a question that has been debated in the gaming industry for decades. This question has grown in popularity in recent years as many popular games, such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Call of Duty: Warzone, allow players to use either input device. Because controller players and mouse and keyboard players now frequently collide in games, Twitch streamer Myth recently claimed that controller players aren’t among the best.

Dr Disrespect, a YouTube streamer, sparked the debate when he wrote a tweet saying that without your aim assist, you ain’t nothing. Dr Disrespect, who plays a variety of FPS games on a regular basis, directed this tweet at controller players and the supposed advantage they had due to aim assist. While this was a critical statement from the streamer, it was unsurprising given Dr Disrespect’s controversial gaming persona. Things with Dr Disrespect, on the other hand, did not end there. Following Dr Disrespect’s statement about aim assist, popular streamer Myth retweeted it and added his own thoughts on the subject.

This tweet from Myth was unquestionably controversial, and it sparked outrage among many gamers. Users of controllers were quick to point out that, while they have aim assist, using a mouse and keyboard has its own set of benefits. Others cited professional players such as Scump, one of the most well-known Call of Duty League players who also uses a controller. In addition, Nadeshot, the founder of the eSports team 100 Thieves, responded against Myth and said that Myth’s opinion went out the door.

Following the criticism from Nadeshot and other members of the community, including Call of Duty pro C6, Myth has since retracted his previous statement. In a tweet in response to Nadeshot, the Twitch streamer claimed that he had made a mistake and that he was nowhere near qualified enough to be spreading that type of slander.

Dr Disrespect and Myth’s recent comments add fuel to the already raging debate over the effectiveness of aim assist in games like Warzone. With so many well-known gamers on both sides of the debate, it doesn’t appear that the problem will be resolved anytime soon. It’ll be exciting to see where this discussion goes from here.