While watching a nature program on Twitch yesterday, xQc addressed claims of misogyny after telling a woman to go work at a Grand Theft Auto strip club as an insult.

xQc was taken aback by the claims, calling it a “double standard” that he couldn’t disparage women without being labeled a sexist.

“I’m sorry, but why can’t you criticize a woman without being misogynistic?” he remarked.

Incel is a term used by a Reddit user to describe “an online subculture of guys who express hatred at women for refusing them sex and regularly fantasize about violence.”

Cuckold Simulator, a role-playing game developed by Team SNEED and published in May, was streamed by XQc. The game is essentially a cross between Grand Theft Auto and The Sims, with the main character being a cuckold as the central theme.

The game is about “living as a beta male cuck,” according to Cuckold Simulator’s Steam page, in which the player must “work hard, pay all your money to the bull, and get verbally harassed by your fat wife.”

The game is, as one might think, extremely tense. It does, however, have racist overtones. Some people spammed “racist dev” and incels defending racism OmegaLUL in xQc’s chat while he was playing the game.

In Chinatown, there is also a “sex shop” where some inappropriate conversations can take place. In addition, the game contains certain insulting references to Tyrone, who is Black, and his skin color. The player can switch to Tyrone’s perspective at one point in the game and shoot police officers who come to his residence to arrest him.

A little youngster sits in front of the television in the living room of the player’s home. On many game “days,” XQc turned on the television. The child was always watching Amouranth, who has since been unbanned from Twitch.

He complained about the “hot tub meta” earlier this year, to which Amouranth replied, “The reason Xqc liked ripping on hot tubs was because it distracted focus away from the [gambling] stuff,” referring to his stream’s regular gambling topics.

“That was funny,” xQc commented after playing Cuckold Simulator for 13 game days, but he also noted that “the secret to scuffed games is knowing when to quit ‘em.”