The group of Valorant community is growing. The game has carved up a sizable position in the Esports community in just two years.

The number of people playing Riot’s FPS shooter has increased, and it now has many great gamers. One of them and a well-known game streamer is Kyedae. The community was recently surprised to learn that she had been diagnosed with cancer, yet we observed the streamer maintaining her composure and making jokes about her health. She humorously mentioned how w**d is assisting her in the therapy as she was speaking about the big C in a recent stream. 

The Valorant community received some unexpected news at the beginning of March. Kyedae shared the information of her diagnosis on Twitter. An Acute Myeloid Leukemia diagnosis was made for the 21-year-old. Many people from the neighborhood came forward to help Kyedae during these tough times. Later, she could be seen cracking jokes and joking around about her health, which helped to ease the supporters’ concerns in the live conversations. She was observed discussing her health once again in her most recent stream.

This time, the streamer was observed claiming that her flat smelled like w**d. The conversation asked her how she knew about the smell of it after she suggested that someone in the apartment complex might be using that. She said she smokes it, jokingly. Later, Kyedae explained how chemotherapy had made her unable to taste anything and that she had lost her appetite. She then declared in a humorous way that she smokes weed to become hungry. The streamer was obviously joking, and her followers thought it was quite clever.

Despite the fact that Kyedae appeared to be joking about her use of w**d, the clip’s comment area was rife with discussions regarding its use and its impact on cancer. Kyedae has scaled back her live streams, but she occasionally still joins in to play Valorant and other games. In addition, Kyedae won the 2023 Streamer Award for “Best Valorous Streamer” during the ceremony that just ended. Although some fans complained about her winning the competition, most believe that the 100 Thieves content creator  deserved the honor. The ‘Best Gamer’ Award was given at the occasion to TenZ, Kyedae’s fiancée.