A content creator for NRG Darryle Hamlin AKA ‘Hamlinz’ has recently revealed how Microsoft’s failed streaming platform Mixer offered him a lucrative deal to leave Twitch when they were recruiting streamers.

Many fans were shocked when Hamlinz and friend and fellow content creator Daequan vanished from the internet for an unknown period of time in 2020. Thanks to their charisma and humor on stream, as well as some seriously impressive Fortnite gameplay, the duo amassed millions of fans.

They’ve since returned to Twitch as part of NRG, where they’ve once again entertained viewers with their natural chemistry and sense of humour. Hamlinz, on the other hand, has revealed that he could have joined Mixer when the platform launched its most high-profile challenge to Twitch’s dominance in 2019.

Mixer’s kidnapping of both shroud and Ninja is well-known among fans. Both men were paid millions for their transfers, but after Mixer’s demise in the summer of 2020, they returned to Twitch.

During Hamlinz stream last October 23rd, he revealed that he could have followed suit, but he squandered the opportunity by not streaming as frequently.

He said that Mixer offered him $7-10 million to go over there and that was then when he was at the top of his game, with 40k viewers per stream and that he’s not even joking, and then he stopped streaming because he was chatting with them. They were talking for a while when they said that he’s just not streaming enough and that he believes they’ll rescind the agreement and that it is based on true events.

Mixer’s challenge to Twitch was short-lived, as the service was acquired by Facebook Gaming in the summer of 2020, leaving them liable for the millions they allegedly paid Shroud and Ninja.

Given Mixer’s demise, Hamlinz is unlikely to be too disappointed with the missed opportunity. It demonstrates how well-liked the 26-year-old is, as do the tens of thousands of viewers he continues to attract.