After Maya and Mizkif‘s recent breakup, a number of notable Twitch streamers have weighed in on a complication in their friendship.

Twitch and YouTube are known because it is built in part on romantic and platonic relationships between their most popular content creators. These connections lead to lucrative and entertaining collaborations that benefit both fans and creators. Relationships between creators, unfortunately, can sometimes lead to arguments that span multiple channels. One of the recent conflicts on Twitch involves Maya and Mizkif, two prominent content creators of the streaming platform Twitch who dated for a few years. Despite the fact that the couple broke up in September, their new status as friends is being tested by a disagreement over Emiru, a third streamer.

Each streamer involved in the drama  of Maya and Mizkif makes a name for themselves on the platform. Maya is a wildlife rehabilitator and conservationist who uses Twitch to raise money for animal charities. Mizkif is a more traditional Twitch streamer who broadcasts a wide range of content and frequently collaborates with fellow members of One True King Network, a gaming organization founded by Mizkif, Asmongold, and other prominent Twitch personalities. Maya expressed her dissatisfaction with Mizkif’s new close friendship with Emiru, which she mistook for Mizkif attempting to replace her following the couple’s breakup.

History of Maya and Mizkif

Maya and Mizkif began dating wayback 2019 and then confirmed their relationship in August 2019 through a YouTube video. The Twitch duo appeared close from the start, and viewers took to their dynamic, creating YouTube compilations of Maya and Mizkif’s charming moments together on Twitch streams. For a time, it appeared that the relationship would last, but Mizkif announced their breakup on Twitter in September 2021. The two Twitch streamers assured fans that no hard feelings existed and that they simply chose to part ways, bringing a major Twitch relationship to a peaceful conclusion.

League of Legends streamer Emiru with half a million followers and a reputation for sharp cosplays, moved into Mizkif’s content house a few months later, and things began to change. One True King, like similar organizations like OfflineTV, has its own content creation house. Emiru was known as a one of the collaborators of One True King Network, so moving in with them seemed logical. Maya publicly expressed her displeasure with Mizkif and Emiru new ties after Emiru moved in with Mizkif, allegedly leading to frequent comparisons to Emiru.

Maya stated during a Twitch stream with other content creators that she felt Mizkif was taking her place because she and Emiru have many similarities, including hobbies, personalities, and Asian ancestry. Many Twitch users also weighed in on the said subject, with some expressing their disapproval of Emiru moving in with Mizkif and OTK. Other Twitch streamers have responded by criticizing Mizkif for commenting on his private relationship with Maya, escalating the debate into a broader discussion about drama and how streamers react to their own personal conflicts within the streaming platform’s Twitch and YouTube communities.

Possibilities for the Drama’s End

Maya told her fans, followers, and viewers that she wants Emiru to be happy at OTK’s content house and clarifies that she doesn’t want anyone else to be hurt as a result of her own feelings. Meanwhile, Mizkif has assured his viewers that he and Maya have no grudges against each other. Mizkif and Maya appeared that they put their own differences aside and could help the drama surrounding them come to a close and end, but the drama is a complex beast. Other streamers on Twitch may continue to argue about Mizkif and Maya’s situation, whether Mizkif and Maya want it or not. The whole ordeal serves as a useful reminder that life in the spotlight is complicated not only by viewers, but also by other entertainers.