Fortnite and Minecraft content creator PainfulPVP recently had his YouTube channel taken down after hackers attempted to defraud his followers with a Cryptocurrency scam.

James Garrod AKA PainfulPVP, is a well-known Fortnite and Minecraft content creator. During his YouTube career, the creator has amassed 31 million views and has become a popular figure in the Minecraft community and recently he has found himself in an unusual situation.

While some crypto scams simply use the names of well-known creators to gain traction, this one went a step further and permanently took over PainfulPVP’s channel.

PainfulPVP’s 500,000 subscribers strong channel was unexpectedly transformed into a cryptocurrency hub and the hackers were claiming that Ethereum – a nearly 10-year-old crypto that has recently caught the attention of tech moguls like Elon Musk – would hit $40,000 stakes in ads to Garrod’s followers via livestreams.

He has been attempting to resolve the situation since the initial hacka and sought assistance from official entities via his Twitter feed, where he has asked for assistance saying that his account was hacked and that he needed help and began his pleas for assistance.

PainfulPVP’s channel was eventually deleted after it violated YouTube’s community guidelines, despite numerous tweets requesting a response. He thanked the community for trying to help him out and tweeted he has reached out to the YouTube hijack team and he’s hoping to hear from them sometime soon.

He received a response from YouTube, asking him to take the conversation into private messaging and as of now, it is still unclear whether the channel’s creator will be able to restore it in the future.

The con artists have been temporarily thwarted and his fans have been tweeting messages of support.

There have been no further updates on the status of Garrod’s channel since the discussion turned to privacy.