Twitch streamer Mizkif was browsing the streamer-focused subreddit r/LivestreamFail when he came across a clip of Pokimane and JakenBakeLIVE being stream sniped by a person known as CoolSlick.

The OTK member was offended by CoolSlick’s behavior on Pokimane’s stream, so he started talking about his own experience in South Korea with his friends.

Following the stream sniper’s introduction to JakenBakeLIVE, the Austin, Texas native had harsh words for the sniper, telling him to shut up.

Pokimane and her friends are currently hosting their South Korean adventure, which has been joined by famous IRL Twitch streamer JakenBakeLIVE. The group interacted with an infamous stream sniper known as CoolSlick during a recent livestream.

The co-founder of One True King (OTK) reacted to a video of Pokimane and JakenBakeLIVE interacting with CoolSlick, saying he didn’t approve of the latter’s behavior in any way. Mizkif went on to say that CoolSlick was attempting to project himself in front of famous internet personalities after telling the sniper to “shut up.”

Some viewers began to wonder why the streamer was so enraged by the appearance of a random stream sniper on Pokimane’s IRL stream. He replied by stating that the same sniper had been following the OTK group around South Korea.

CoolSlick’s comment on Pokimane’s Twitter update was shared by fans on his Twitch channel. Mizkif’s response to the negative comments directed at the content creator was as follows.

Mizkif kept streaming and responded to more clips on r/LivestreamFail. More than 80 fans weighed in on the streamer’s comments on CoolSlick, with several agreeing with him.