Popular League of Legends streamer on Twitch Tyler Steinkamp aka Tyler1, entertained his viewers with an impersonation of Corpse Husband’s voice during his most recent live broadcast.

Tyler1 is a well known League of Legends streamer gaining an impressive number of followers on his twitch channel of more than 4.5 million and his streams are always guaranteed to be special.

Aside from streaming games in front of his viewers, he is also keeping in shape and reacting to disastrous fitness fiascos by his fans. But then during his most recent live broadcast, his viewers did not expect Tyler channelling his musical side and his artist of choice was definitely unexpected. During the stream when the game is about to start and Tyler1 is talking to his viewers, he has weighed in regarding his stance on Corpse’s music.

CorpseHusband is an American streamer and YouTuber, who has also embarked on a music career, and known for remaining “faceless” throughout his career. Corpse has successfully reached 100 million Spotify streams as his music has grown in popularity. Twitch streamer Tyler1 brought his microphone closer to enhance his bass tones while stating; “Look at me, I’m that f**king weirdo CorpseHusband.”

His impersonation led to the revelation that Tyler1 only heard one Corpse song in his life which featured Valkyrae therefore, it was the DAYWALKER!. While Corpse hasn’t responded as of yet to Tyler’s critique, we’d be curious to see the two square off in Among Us, following Corpse’s April charity event.