An IRL Twitch streamer JakenBakeLIVE, has been documenting and streaming his trip to South Korea with various celebrities, including Pokimane.

JakenBake used the third day of his visit to talk about a rather serious topic involving fans who kept asking the Twitch streamer to create content like he did a few years ago. He responded by saying that he won’t be going back to his old streaming habits because he’s grown as a content creator and is looking forward to improving his stream over time.

Along with Pokimane, JakenBakeLIVE has been having the time of his life visiting and streaming from South Korea. The Twitch streamer decided to show off Seoul’s nightlife on June 11.

Jake noticed some fans commenting on his recent content and claiming that he and his content had changed at the fifth-hour mark of his stream. Jake began addressing the crowd after seeing this kind of reaction.

JakenBakeLIVE continued his speech by stating that IRL streaming is a unique category on Twitch because of its constant growth and change. He expressed regret for his minute-long rant. He got together with his friends a few minutes later and streamed for another two hours. On r/LivestreamFail, the streamer’s clip received over 110 comments. Several fans mocked the streamer’s outburst.

Some Redditors compared Jake to Ice Poseidon, the most controversial IRL streamer. Jake’s older content was thought to be superior to hanging out with famous Twitch personalities by fans.

JakenBakeLIVE is one of the most well-known IRL content creators on the livestreaming platform, having returned to his popular genre after a two-year hiatus earlier this year. He has over 596k followers on the Amazon-owned platform, where he has been streaming since 2017.