By ranking Hasan and Amouranth last in her tier list, Twitch streamer Maya might have started yet another fire on the social media site.

Internet and video game culture now includes tier lists. Rankings for everything and anything are available everywhere, from fast-food restaurants to fighting game fighters. Twitch tier lists have recently generated a lot of controversy in the community, especially after xQc received criticism for ranking Pokimane and Hasan in the B tier for his top streamers list.

Maya’s new tier list, which ranks the funniest content producers on the website, has already sparked some controversy despite the French Canadian burying the hatchet with the socialist streamer.

Maya gave Trainwreck and 39daph high rankings, but she gave Amouranth Hasan an F-tier placement. Maya mentioned that although she likes Hasan a lot, he has never purposefully made her laugh. Nmplol eventually left after making this choice, perhaps due to the possible drama the placement would bring.

Reddit users questioned why they were creating more tier lists in the first place after seeing Maya rank Hasan so highly. Uncertainty surrounds Amouranth and Hasan’s comments regarding their rankings, but it appears that the Twitch community is already agitated as the tier list drama continues.