An American Twitch streamer lit off fireworks in his own room during a July 4 celebration, literally setting the stream on fire.

A Pikachu firework was set off from a sizable box of fireworks that well-known Twitch streamer Darren Watkins Jr. AKA “iShowSpeed had purchased especially for the event. He lit the tiny toy, mistaking it for a small firecracker, only to have huge sparks fly from its numerous holes.

iShowSpeed panicked and called his mother for assistance as the Pikachu fireworks flew in his direction, sparks flew, and pops were fired off. The fireworks finally subsided, and the fire department was alerted, entering the stream that was still live-recording. On July 4th, the country celebrated its independence.

The video has received numerous shocked and amusing responses on social media since it was posted on July 5. not to mention numerous memes that have been edited.

The online community wished the streamer luck and cautioned others against lighting off fireworks inside their homes. Speed assured his followers that the damage to his room was minimal, consisting only of some scuffs on the floor and ceiling.