Twitch streamer Asmongold claims that since Vtubers outrank other female streamers, actual girls are a thing of the past.

As streaming has developed throughout the years, various names and faces have appeared on platforms as iconic figures. As video development has advanced, the number of VTubers—virtual broadcasters who typically adopt anime-style characters as their personas while streaming—has increased. One of the most well-known Twitch streamers and World of Warcraft players is Asmongold, who is arguably the best illustration of a non-VTuber online superstar. His thoughts are frequently hot topics of conversation for fans thanks to his millions of followers and numerous profiles on different platforms.

Asmongold recently addressed the increase of VTubing, particularly among female streamers. As he identified popular female streamers, he revealed to his audience his amazement and pointed out that most of the people on the list were VTubers. After talking about the ten most well-liked female streamers on Twitch and YouTube, Asmongold’s astonished response followed. 

When comparing VTubers’ numbers to those of other female broadcasters, Asmongold was obviously startled. Other VTubers were streaming behind Pekora, who was the top streamer. Behind Pekora and another VTuber named Koyori, Amouranth, a well-known variety streamer, was also included on the list in fourth place. Asmongold added that Amouranth streams “more than f*cking any of the other ones,” so this is especially shocking.

In response, viewers expressed their admiration for VTubers like Pekora in the comments, noting that her distinction was a result of her individuality.

Others attacked female streamers who weren’t VTubers, suggesting that their material was boring and uninspired while the increasingly well-liked virtual ladies were exploring frontiers of content creation. According to Asmongold, “Real girls are a thing of the past. I mean, the numbers don’t lie, gentlemen. It is what it is. Yep, VTubers took over.”

He implied that this is only going to happen more frequently because VTubers’ popularity is continuing to skyrocket.

Asmongold stated in response: “we will see probably more of this and the difference will become even larger.” It seems that this decade will be one for the VTubers, and streamers using their real names or faces are starting to really notice the trend.