Twitch streamer Malena Tudi lost her cool recently after her partner Nmplol used his Elon Musk-designed flamethrower in their kitchen during a live stream.

Nick Polom AKA ‘Nmplol’ is a member of OTK, the creators’ collective led by Mizkif and Asmongold. Polom’s wife, fellow Twitch streamer Malena Tudi, is also a frequent visitor to his stream.

Cooking streams, in which they work together in the kitchen to prepare various meals, are one type of stream they occasionally do together. On December 22nd, as they were preparing for a cooking stream, Nmplol decided to test out his new flamethrower, which upset Malena.

While Malena prepared the kitchen for the cooking stream, Nick pulled out his flamethrower and asked the audience if they were ready. He then activated it, frightening Malena in the process. She demanded Nick to stop and said that he completely lost it. She also demanded him to get out of here and then asked if he was so desperate for content that he’s willing to set the house on fire.

Nmplol attempted to persuade his partner by pointing out that Elon Musk’s flamethrower is the same as a butane lighter. Malena did not change her mind about his use of the flamethrower.

In early 2018, Elon Musk’s “Boring Company” released the flamethrower, which quickly sold out of its 20,000 units. The flamethrower is powered by butane gas, and while it doesn’t have a long-range (as Nick demonstrated in the video), it should still be used with caution.