The final episode of Ludwig Ahgren‘s gameshow Mogul Money was being filmed when he had two strange encounters with fans.

On July 2nd, Ludwig presided over the final Mogul Money gameshow event, during which Sykkuno was named the event’s victor after narrowly defeating the opposition. After the show, Ludwig disclosed that hosting the grand finale had cost the YouTuber an absurd $150k in losses.

Ludwig has since revealed more details about the previous performance, including a tale of two peculiar fan encounters. Although most of the people he met at the meet-and-greet for Mogul Money were wonderful, the streamer claimed that there were two particular people who stood out.

Although there were numerous security measures in place, he claimed that one person “slipped through” to the main stage, which was visible from the backstage area where all the competitors were and went on to say that despite being tackled by a huge bodyguard by the name of Luke, the fan was able to get past him. To stop them from entering the backstage area, Ludwig’s business partner, Nick Allen, had to strike the “insane” fan a few times.

This time, a strange fan encounter included visual proof. An inebriated attendee made an attempt to enter the stage after the event. Before he could take the stage, security personnel stopped him. In the video, he is seen being carried out of the YouTube Theatre Jazz-style by his arms and legs.

Even though Ludwig referred to the occasion as “one of the greatest nights” of his life, there were a few hiccups that fortunately did not interfere with the performance.