Ludwig Ahgren plays a wide range of games, making him one of YouTube’s most popular variety streamers, but he decided to give Counter-Strike: Global Offensive a try for the first time and had a lot of success. At least in terms of loot boxes.

Ludwig decided to stream his very first CSGO match. He didn’t begin by experimenting with weapons or getting a feel for the movement. Ludwig instead chose to open a loot box. Ludwig appeared befuddled by how CSGO loot worked at first, frantically trying to figure out which color indicated which rarity.

Ludwig was astounded by the results when he finally opened the loot box. He burst out laughing maniacally, giddy with delight. Ludwig had used the Marble Fade skin to pull an M9 Bayonet. Depending on the quality, Marble Fade M9 Bayonet knives can cost up to $1,800.

This was a significant victory for Ludwig, but it did raise some concerns, because of the loot box aspect of the game, many fans were concerned that Ludwig would pick up CSGO. Ludwig has previously admitted to having a gambling problem.

He talked about his gambling problems and why Twitch should not allow gambling streams on the platform. Felix “xQc” Lengyel’s decision to resume heavily gambling despite being “mentally ill” sparked this.

With real money CSGO skins and items available on Steam, fans are worried that Ludwig will become addicted to buying and opening loot boxes. The popular streamer has yet to respond to the issue.