Step aside, Fall Guys, because there’s a new game show in town, and this one features some of Twitch’s most well-known streamers. Streamer Royale by Amouranth features a roster of content creators competing in a variety of games, ranging from a foam pit hunt for flags to a gladiatorial battle between two streamers using rubber sticks as weapons.

The Streamer Royale featured a stellar lineup of talent and competitors. Fans could watch creators like Alinity, JustAMinx, PeachJars, MoistCr1itikal, and JackManifoldTV compete in various challenges that put their physical abilities to the test.

Streamers battled each other for five hours, with Amouranth at the helm. Her channel streamed the event, and the VOD is still available as of this writing.

Meowri won the first Streamer Royale after completing all of the challenges without fear of being eliminated. Alluux came in second after being voted back into the competition by fans after being eliminated earlier in the competition, while KittyPlays came in third.

Meowri chose to avoid the other competitors and lap around the entire inflatable maze in the final challenge, which placed the five remaining competitors in a floating obstacle course searching for flags.

After telling interviewer Slick that she was confident in her ability to win, it was announced that she had won the gold medal.

Meowri, who has over 204,000 Twitch followers, watches a lot of horror content and also does “Just Chatting” streams to interact with her friends and viewers. After defeating 19 other Twitch streamers in various physical challenges, she can now add “winner of the debut Streamer Royale” to her list of achievements.

It’s unclear whether Amouranth will bring the Streamer Royale back at some point in the future. However, given the high viewership and large number of sponsors willing to assist in making the event a success, this competition is likely to return.