Logan Paul is one of the most popular YouTubers in the world. Aside from YouTube, the influencer is involved in a variety of other activities, including Pokemon card collecting, boxing, NFT flipping, business, and more.

Logan Paul recently admitted that his $3.5 million purchase of rare Pokemon cards was a ruse.

He also recently revealed how much money he spent on NFTs in 2021. Many social media celebrities have jumped on the Non-Fungible Token bandwagon, with Twitch streamer Alinity launching her own NFT and another streamer, Amouranth, making over $125,000 by selling her own NFT.

Things changed when Hasbulla, a viral social media sensation, challenged Logan Paul to a fight for one of his NFTs.

Logan Paul has now responded to Hasbulla’s public challenge to him. Logan Paul shared an edited video of himself thrashing Hasbulla on his official Twitter account.

In the video, Hasbulla’s face is forged onto a dog, and the protagonist picks up the creature and kicks him into the water. The tweet has gotten a lot of laughs in the comments section. Some users suggested Logan invite Hasbulla to his IMPAULSIVE podcast.