YouTuber Olajide Olatunji aka KSI was the latest guest on the Impaulsive podcast. Podcast host Logan Paul and KSI have been beefing since their boxing match in August 2018 which was followed by the second fight in 2019.

The initial fight was won by KSI, whereas the second one came to a majority draw. Ever since the two have considered themselves great enemies in the boxing and YouTube communities, they have continuously thrown shade at each other for months at a time.

However, it seems like the two have put the matter to rest after teaming up for the KSI Show, which took place on July 17th. Now, During the latest episode of Logan Paul’s podcast, Impaulsive, Logan Paul and KSI both shared their thoughts on each other in a conversation.

KSI started off by praising Logan for being so smart when it came to creating content for his YouTube channel. He said that despite what he previously thought of Logan, he was proved wrong as soon as he agreed to collaborate with him. Logan Paul responded, returning the thanks and told KSI that he respected him and his team for their prowess.

Logan said; “Thank you bro, I appreciate that. I’m aware of the prowess you and your crew have in social media and I respect the sh** out of it.” Many fans were shocked to see KSI on Impaulsive as they soon took to Twitter to share how flabbergasted they felt when Impaulsive posted a new episode featuring KSI.