Alexandra Alliestrasza Macpherson, a Hearthstone streamer, was swatted in the middle of the game, and she and her family were handcuffed by police.

On Twitch, Macpherson is one of the most well-known female Hearthstone streamers, and her stream was interrupted by a police raid last night (February 9th). When the cops arrived, it was because someone had made a false report that was serious enough to warrant a full-fledged attack, specifically on the Streamer during their live broadcast, which they did. Swinging is the term for this practice.

At first, Macpherson left the room, but then a group of three armed police officers could be seen moving through the house and clearing the room where she was streaming.

25 minutes later, Macpherson returned to the stream and later tweeted about the situation. To justify such a response, he explained what the police had been told because Macpherson is based in California, if the perpetrators of the swatting are caught, they will be responsible for the entire cost of the raid.