Twitch streamer Saqib “Lirik” hosted an in-person stream where he discussed a variety of topics, primarily an experience from his most recent vacation trip. Fans of the streamer were overjoyed to see him posting content other than gaming, as he isn’t known for his IRL streams.

One particular event during this time became the highlight of his livestream, where the streamer revealed that a wild dolphin had harassed him in the most awkward manner possible, as he was telling different stories about his adventures during his vacation.

On his channel, the American streamer is known for playing a wide range of games. He is known for being the streamer who beats and completes newly released games as quickly as possible.

Fans were taken aback when he began live streaming while on vacation due to the nature of his streams.

Lirik had announced that he would be taking a short vacation from March 19 to 27, and that he would not be streaming during that time. He ended up streaming twice, which was unexpected. The content creator spent the majority of the 30-minute stream updating his viewers on himself and what he had been up to.

Lirik went on to talk about a variety of interesting topics and experiences that he had during his vacation during one of his most recent short streams.

One of these encounters was a little more traumatic than the others, as he revealed that a wild dolphin had acted strangely with him.

Moving on to other subjects, the content creator mentioned that he had also jet-skied and enjoyed the thrill. He finished his stream quickly and stated that he would be back on Sunday, March 27th.

Lirik is one of the platform’s most experienced content creators, having started live streaming in 2011. Since then, he’s grown into one of the most well-known household names in the streaming world, with a fan base of more than 2.8 million people.